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I have a blown motor on my 05 K1200s (long story, but threw a rod through the crankcase).

I'm looking to do a swap or a rebuild.

I saw on 07 motor listed on ebay, and was wondering if there would be any issues putting a later model motor into it.

Would there be ECU or other problems potentially?

Any info greatly appreciated.


best regards,

Peter K.

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I'll take this one. Broke cam chain on my k1200s 2005 model last summer. Crashed all the valves but could have been repaired until I looked at BMW parts prices. NOT
Did the same thing and got a slightly used motor from a crashed 2008 and did a swap. This was a complete motor with starter alternator sensors fuel injectors. You get the idea.
Cut the mine from a place the in Texas. Totally happy with the company and product.
Only difference was the 2008 had a coolant vent line on the right side of the head. I had no place to run it to so it was plugged with the plug in the 2005 motor. No issues, I've put on several thousand miles since.
Cost me $1300-$1500 and my labor bay weekend but was well worth it.
1 runs Great
2 no more jerky throttle at low speed
3 clutch is smoother
4 don't hit neutral going from 1st to
2nd anymore.
It wasn't a bad job, some tight spaces.
Other than the motor just needed oil and filter. Header gadgets and a couple of o rings. No software changes.
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