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AOL customers !!..All of you Gmail guys too

Attention all AOL customers.

AOL in its infinite wisdom has again decided that since we are (of course) sending a lot of emails (every time a member subscribes to a thread they get information when something is posted to that thread) we must be spammers, and therefore ALL the emails being sent from this site are SILENTLY deleted.

While this may or may not be a problem to you, it most certainly is if you e.g. try to recover your password, or do other functions that require to read the email from our server e.g. become a member. In this case you will just NOT get your email.

Unfortunately AOL is not even willing to answer our emails and get into discussions with us, how to resolve this problem, and so there is only one instance that can resolve that problem: the AOL customers. Call their co called 'customer support' and complain. Maybe they listen to you. Because if there is one thing I can guarantee you: with AOL you ARE going to loose email silently. Someday it will be a piece email that you need of want and you will not get because someone else decided for you that you do not need it.

Whenever possible use a different email address other then AOL.

As an additional 'service' we are going to refuse AOL email addresses from now on, so that our members at least have a chance of getting their notifications.

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Now, on to you Gmail users.

We've had to deny auto-registration privileges to gmail addresses.
It seems that every spam artist in the world ( not you personally ) has
a gmail address and we were being inundated with trash on a daily basis.
Easiest, most efficient way of handling that is to stop it at the common source.

So, now what you may ask?

We put you in manually on this end. It doesn't take long, you get to keep
your gmail address and we don't have to clean up the spam so often.
Everyone wins.

Send a preferred username to our websupport address and we'll fix you up. :clap:
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