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Autocom and UHF Radios

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I have a Pro7Sports system and would like to know if anyone has connected different UHF radios to that recommended (e.g. ICOM) on the Autocom site?
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Icom M7

I asked Autocom if I could use my ICOM M7 with the Pro 7 system. It would be a great combination. ICOM M7 is waterproof, VHF, has great range, and has a two prong plug in for BTB push to talk. I'll forward answer to you from Autocom.
I just found an alternative to autocom. Strangely it is called Motocomm and it seems to have adapters for everthing including my Yaesu VX-2B. For those who know Yaesu has some of the strangest keying and microphone circuits of all transceivers. Check it and the price out at
I use the Autocom with a Motorola UHF radio and it works just fine. Consider purchasing Autocom push to talk cable/switch which gives the flexibility to use vox (voice activation of the radio) or push to talk. As a result, you can communicate with an on-board passenger without automatically transmitting. I mounted that switch on the handgrip of my left handlebar. The radio is stored under my seat. And, with 2 watts of power, provides excellent range. This is used in conjunction with an XM radio input to the Autocom. When my 2-way radio receives a transmission, it lowers the volume of the XM by 1/2. If you purchase the right cable, you can also tie your cell phone into the Autocom. You set the phone to auto-answer and when a call comes in, it totally mutes the music. When the other party hangs up, your phone call is terminated and the music returns.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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