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Earlier this year Sue and I had been to Alsace, and on both the outward and return legs, we had found some amazing roads which I had been wanting to revisit. The past couple of weeks hadn’t been favourable weatherwise, but now, with forecasts of 12 degrees, I figured it was now or never, as the weather is turning colder, the leaves are changing colour and dropping from the trees, and rain and eventually snow, will put a dampener on future opportunities to ride.

We had agreed to meet Andy at 9.00am at the "La Cote" motorway services, but as Sunday morning dawned cold and misty and only 5 degrees, Andy had been waiting at the services wondering if we were coming or not. After an hour in the services cafe, and a hot drink and croissant to warm us up, we finally set off.

The first part of the route was via the autoroute as far as La Chaux de Fonds, then out into the countryside and onto the Swiss/French border at Biafond.

Riding through the woods was really beautiful today, with the leaves being illuminated in parts by the emerging morning sun, and the water in the river so still, that the images of the trees were reflected clearly in the water.

We stopped for a few pictures, including this one of Sue and I together about to cross the border.

Thanks to Andy for this, as the only other picture I can remember of Sue and I together on a bike is circa 2003, at Magny Cours on a CBR600RR.

Andy and K1200S

We climbed up and out of Biafond towards a midday coffee stop at Maiche, then onwards towards St Hippolyte and Le Pont de Roide. Here we took a new direction ( for us), and were rewarded with the most amazing winding roads, through forests on either side of the road. Sweeping bends, autumn colours, twists and turns kept coming one after another, truly a great section of road, I just wished I had stopped for a photo or two but the riding was so much fun we just kept going!

Eventually we stopped for lunch at a 2 star restaurant, although the Maitre D looked me up and down a couple of times before condescending to let us eat there, and insisting that we leave our riding jackets outside, so as not to lower the tone of the establishement! We had sanglier (wild boar), and I recounted the tale where once Gren and I had been out riding, and one had jumped off a 3 foot wall in front of Gren, and run across the road literally just a couple off feet in front of him! They are big animals, and would have caused plenty of damage if Gren, or I had hit it!

After lunch and ontowards Valdahon, looking out for the police Subaru Iprezza near Ornans, back to Pontarlier, and home via the great zig zag hairpins of Ste Croix, then onto La Sarraz and Cossonay, before parting company with Andy just outside Nyon. Yet another great ride, 430kms, which excluding an hour or so of motorway, was pretty much all pure riding pleasure. Sometimes if you brave the initial cold, you get rewarded with a great day, and today the morning low of 5 degrees ended up as an unexpected high of 17.5 degrees! Fortune favours the brave, and boy was it worth it. Sue rated the ride 10/10. Can’t get much better than that!

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That looked fun Maybe I can expand my riding season to include the winter once I get my GS? It would be nice to be able to ride all hear opposed to the short Norwegian summer.I sure will try
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