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Hy people
Quick question.
Dealer (not BMW)has the avon storm front tire in the 60 series (55)not the 70's (56)our bike takes.
Is there a problem with going with the smaller 60 series tire?
Weight rating difference is about 25lbs I believe, and the speedo will go out by about 1.5 mph
with about a 1/4 inch total in height difference

I think this question can be kinda generic for all manufactures tire size step down.

So has anyone used the 60 series tire on the GT yet?

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Don't know anyone who's tried it with a front tire, but I know a guy who ran 11,000 miles in 11 days on two 170/60-17 ME880 rear tires (normal GT size is 180/55-17). No problems reported, except that the ME880s are hard as a rock and suck in the wet. :)

The front tire you're describing is really close to the original tire size. The weight rating difference between 55W (481 lbs) and 58W (520 lbs) is pretty close, and shouldn't matter on a 620 lb GT.

So it shouldn't be a problem, but then again it's your bike, not mine. :)
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