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I had a 99 K1200RS, 62000 miles.

Put 3k miles on it earlier in the summer and had to park it for a couple of months but always went out and started it every couple of weeks and took it around the block every so often.

Anyway the last time I tried to start it - it wouldn't. Shortly afterwards smoke came up from under the gas tank, front left. Shortly after that flames came out.

Got the bike out of the garage and wife got the fire extinguisher. (Dry chemical)

Bike ended up being written off as a total loss, main wiring harness burned, radiator fan housing melted, some other wiring harnesses and cable burned as well. From the outside you could never tell. Was looking at 9K in parts plus at least 20 hours of labor.

The dealer believes the seal on the front fuel injector failed allowing fuel to escape. Which eventually caught fire.
This dealer had never heard of this happening, my in-laws who are also dealers in Europe have never heard of such a thing.

Just curious if anyone out there has heard of this?
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