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I took my K12RS in for its 12K service to Battley Cycles, Gaithersburg, MD. The appt for the bike was actually Wednesday the 30th and I planned on taking it in on the 29th, but had some time to kill Monday so I dropped her off.

Have to make a confession here - I put the mighty K in the back of my truck to get her there. Everyone I knew was at work, so I wouldn't have had a way home. I feel better now!

Battley called me early Tuesday afternoon to let me know they had a tech get freed up and they went ahead and started the service. The service manager, Rich, asked if I wanted to replace the front tire while the bike was there. I had been planning on getting that done sometime soon, but I was waiting to see how much the service would set me back. Rich told me the total including the tire would be $449, so I went ahead and had the tire replaced.

I was quite pleased with the service at Battley as well as the price for the service and tire. I had a couple of other unrelated items taken care of while the bike was there that were in addition to the service. Rich called me early on Wednesday and let me know the bike was finished. I arrived Thursday AM and picked her up. They offered to wash her before I left, but since I would be riding home and it was 40 degrees, I opted to take her dirty.

The service guys at Battley get 2 thumbs up and will definitely get me back in as a customer.
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