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Big changes Yahoo!!!

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So tomorrow I take the mighty K to Vancouver ,rain or shine;heavy wind and rain being the forecast;for an ECU change and the installation of the Givi E52,light kit and top rack.

Maybe new tires...I bought new Metzlers about 5000 km ago and they have a groove down the centre,lots of tread everywhere else.It got that way between Grand Rapids Michigan and Wet Coast Canada. I was surprised and disappointed at how fast the groove appeared and of course,it does affect handling.It feels like falling into and out of the wheel ruts in the track.Not terrible but a little disconcerting if you are not prepared for it.The only alternatives I can think of are grinding the rest of the tire to take the groove out,or zigzagging continually in the lane so that the bike is never upright and the tires then wear on the sides more,until the sides catch up to the groove...
Or,new tires..The original bridgestones were toast after about 10,000 km.
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DaddyOSax said:
I'm up in the air about swapping out the ecu on my '04 GT, in low rpm situations, in traffic around town etc, my GT bucks and jerks when I try to hold a constant (low)rpm. But, apply throttle even in judicious amounts and it smoothes right far no probs starting when cold. Sooooooo I don't know if I want to fool with it..

Can you post a follow up after the swap and give your take on the differences please? I know i'm running out of time...end of year is the last chance to get the recall freebee

Just curious, I've been reading bits and pieces about swapping out ECU's. Were there issues with the original causing driveability complaints? Was this covered under BMW's warranty within a certain time period? :confused: I have the '04 KRS
jgr451 said:
Yes,actually,I got the information from the old board and it is accessible(?) by searching the archives.
I think it expires this December,and affected pre May 04 K1200s.
My issue was minor but apparently others were more affected.

Might be a good idea to post a thread just on this topic ,Lucky.

My repacement was no argument,I asked for it,I got it.As the bike is still in the shop undergoing the replacement,I do not know what the result will be;hopefully,it doesn't create a problem!
Good idea, I might do that!
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