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I ride an 02 K12RS but this question is really for my brother who rides 2 R80's. I know also that I probably should post on the R bike section but the K gets the more hits and its not really about an R80 in some respects. Just bear with me please.

My brother owns 2 R80's. One is a nice 1986 monoshock in near mint condition (he looks after it pretty well) and a 1996 monoshock that he has just bought with only about 10000 kms on it and he is spending a bit of money on it. Ok, cut to the chase. I (and he) would like to know if anyone can recommend somebody in the USA that sells new Bitubo Shocks to suit his monoshock 1996 R80 and does online ordering and payment and international shipping (to Australia) please. Can any one help us?? He has the specific Bitubo part number to suit if required.


Phil (K12) and Douglas (R80's)
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