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Brake and clutch master cylinder release

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I am interested in the special tool that is required to remove the brake and clutch master cylinder lids,has anyone opened the lids on the fluid containers on the handlebars with out using the special tool mentioned,if so could we have the information how it was done please.
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Special tool?

I don't recall a special tool for the covers. Just the right-sized torx driver. Which model and year motorcycle?

Removing lids

On K1200s/r it takes two people without wrench. Their is a tab on both sides of reservoir that must be pushed in and held in while lid is unscrewed. A couple of small screw drivers or ink pins will work. I make most of my own tools (I am a die maker ) but I paid $13 or $14 for factory wrench it isn't worth the time or effort IMO to make one. When putting back on it clicks like a child proof lid, no need to hold tabs in when putting lid on.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for the replies,I suppose I will order the factory part as it seems the easiest solution.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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