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Brake pad replacement questions...

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Had a few questions regarding brake pad replacement

1) Do you need/use any caliper grease aka anti squeak on the back of the pads? Manual makes no mention of it, but the manual does not always follow reality

2) What do you do to reset the piston back into the caliper? I can't tell from the manual pictures what the resetting tool (no. 34 1 500) does exactly to force it back in. On a car/truck I use a big flat head against the old pad and rotor to force it back if I am replacing the rotor....would never try that one the bike though.

3) Any problems/cautions with using particular brake manufacturers?...I am looking for normal use super-bike racing pads. I can pick up EBC for cheap (~$26 for rear), ~$31 for bmw and $43 for DP.
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Hi Andy.

1. Don't believe it is necessary. I never used any and I've had no problems.

2. Take the caliper off the disc, stick a big flat head in between the pads and force them apart.

3. I used EBC HH pads, but some will tell you they are too abrasive. Go with a softer compound if you are worried about it.
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