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I would like to ask for advice here to those more knowledgeable.
I did recently start seeing Brake problems on integrated servo assisted ABS brakes.

Errors started showing time from time, then more frequently, and now always.

1. pull away test passes... and I get no errors until I hit the brake
2. when stationary... I test brakes I hear servo whining on both brakes
3. once I get going and apply any brake I get errors (4 flashes per sec. on brake ; 1 on general warning)
It used to be that only rear brake would cause this error state, but now with time also applying front will cause errors.

*When those errors come up, I still have servo assist on front brake BUT no assist on rear brake. REAR brake lever has not stopping power and no assist.

- brake lines
- bled all circuits to Control cirtuits and wheel circuits and all those F1, F2, F3, R1, R2, R3 on ABS Unit.
- check ABS sensors and wiring..

I think the issues started showing when my front Brake pads were low, so I replaced them and after that issue was progressively getting worse...
I am still having plenty stopping power from front assisted brakes, but DO NOT know what the problem is ... if rear assist, or ABS issue.

Advise much appreciated. !!
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