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As mentioned before, which I don't think alot of people have read, I don't understand why you folks want to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a bike that just isn't destined to suit you. In other words, you buy a K-GT 'as is' and then you spend extra money on after-market stuff like a windshield, seat, footpegs... You spend 20K on a bike and you expect the VERY BEST. Am I right? So here I am telling you now that you can get just as much a thrill out of Yamaha's FJR1300 for considerably less money, with abit of cash to spare on adjustments, if necessary. The FJR1300 is a proven tourer, which the K-GT merely matches upto in the power and comfort areas. BMW may be ahead in areas like ESA, but thats no big deal. Although I'm no fan of japanese bikes, I am slowly but surely beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel and I think BMW isn't what it makes itself to be.

Another problem with the K-GT in particular is, as mentioned before, is that it is unstable in sidewinds on the highway if travelling at anything over 90mph. Hard to believe isn't it? But if you read this forum thoroughly, you'll come across threads that contain experiences of this kind. One user described the problem as the fairing being very bland and 'solid', with hardly any aerodynamics (air-flow management).

I can ramble on some more, but I'll continue some other time. I don't want you people thinking I'm in a BMW forum bragging on about Yamaha deliberately to get on everyones nerves. I'm not. I just want some people in here to look beyond the prestigous BMW brand, which isn't was it makes itself out to be. You are basically paying a big lump of money just for the BMW badge, did you know that? Japanese don't make cheap bikes. Or do they?

Put the fun back in riding. Theres no need for modern technology. Give the Germans a run for their money!
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