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Hmmm..not sure if this is the proper place for this..thought this would be of interest on this site as well as the other.. But here goes:

Press release for the TT race in Cape Breton, 2006

SYDNEY, NS, Oct. 5 /CNW/ - The Cape Breton Festival of Speed in
Association with the Isle of Man TT announced a classic motorcycle race, the first of its kind in North America today. "This event will provide competitive motorcycle racing on a challenging 52 kilometre circuit unlike any other in North America," said Maureen Carroll Chair of the Cape Breton Festival of Speed.
"Our event is styled after the legendary Isle of Man TT, a true road
course classic established in 1907. TT stands for Tourist Trophy and competitors from the Isle of Man will come to Nova Scotia for our event. We anticipate a large turnout as speed enthusiasts converge on Cape Breton, eager to see the true thrill of the open road". "First of all it will bring new visitors to Cape Breton and we all know how important that is. Equally important, it means investment in our infrastructure, especially the roads which will be used for the race" added Carroll. While motorcycles are will be the main event at the inaugural Festival, September 20th to 24th, 2006, there will be attractions for car enthusiasts as well as hope for status auto races in the future and an event patterned after festivals such as those held at Goodwood, England and Monterey, California. Next year, motorcycles will practice on the Nova Scotia roads near Sydney, specially closed for the occasion on Wednesday and Thursday, September 20 and 21. On Friday the 22nd there's a motorcycle "Charity Ride" fundraiser plus a full program of motorcycle road racing on Saturday, September 23rd. On Sunday the 24th there will be a "Show and Shine" for Cars, Pickup Trucks, Motorcycles and Custom and Racing Cars. "One of the attractions of the TT is being able to get close to the action" said Isle of Man Tourism Minister the Hon David Cretney, himself a former Isle of Man TT racer who attended the announcement in Sydney. Britain banned racing on the open roads early in the last century but Isle of Man enthusiasts and government saw wisdom in attracting tourism to their island in the Irish Sea in 1907 by hosting motorcycle races on the public roads as it was being done at the time in Europe.

Racers Turn Out

Isle of Man TT racing legend Ian Lougher of Wales joined the announcement and after viewing the current roads the most successful active TT racer said "With some paving, these beautiful roads will offer a suitable challenge for some of the best riders in the world. There are some fast stretches and the only things I don't see which are part of the Isle of Man are the pubs around the circuit, which I'll miss, and the stonewalls lining the roads which I won't miss. I definitely want to come back next year for the race". Canadian racer Pat Barnes of Scarborough, ON who challenged the IoM circuit in 2004 said "An Isle of Man style competition and the Festival of Speed will raise the profile of racing in Canada giving more exposure to Canadian riders. That's how talented Canadian car racers have achieved so much in the past few years".
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