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I know-wrong forum-but...

Reason has prevailed. I am scrapping the 85 K100RS. I do not have any of the plastic and most of what remains is well used. The mc is at 120k. I rather not toss useful parts. While the stuff isn't pretty, it is functional. I am not looking to maximize profit. The small stuff like coolant lines, mounting rubbers, etc., I will give away supercheap plus shipping. The more useful stuff, ECU, relays, coils, starters (2), alternators(3), instrument cluster, I am selling cheap, but not supercheap. I would rather have forum members get it over scrap value. All the small stuff goes. The transmission, shaft and final drive is available but I don't want to ship.

I am keeping it for a few weeks. What is left after that is scrap.

Email at [email protected] if interested.
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