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The alarm went off at 05.00am. At 05.55am I took the wife to Geneva airport for a week with her parents, and then returned home to await Marks arrival at 08.15am for a full days ride. As per usual Mark was 15 minutes late! We crossed the border into Switzerland to fill up with cheap petrol, and then set off.

At 05.00am it had been -3degrees C, and nearly 4 hours later it's barely into positive numbers. Unfortunately the first part of our ride is the ascent and crossing of the Col de la Faucille to La Cure. In summer a scratchers deam , today it's crossed with trepidation as temperatures flirt between +0.5C in the shade to 2C in the sunny patches!

Here is the view of the snow covered valley below the Faucille.

Still cold here, this lake was still frozen over!

The twin fortifications outside Pontarlier are spectacular and stand tall above the the snow covered valley below.

The gorge road to Morteau is always a favourite.

Here's Mark waving as he obscures my GT!

Typical country village scene, but very pretty!

Snow makes the landscape even more interesting.

En route to the first stop.

Lunch was intended to be at the Source de Doub where the river source literally exits from a cave mouth. Today we can't get close enough to see as they are building, so the pictures are from a previous visit. Also disppointing, the restaurant wasn't open. Tourist season hasn't started yet!

Next stop, another river source, this time the Lison. This is the view on the way down the valley to the source.

This time no building works so unobstucted pictures.

We stopped off at Champagnole for a late lunch at around 16.00, and were back around 18.00. Zumo stats showed 395kms and 6hours 18 riding time. Not bad for a dcay with average temps of only 7 degrees C, but a great ride and another bunch of memories!
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