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Not a lot of activity on the Ride Tales forum, but I'm anxious to share my recent ride... Two weekends ago I rode the "Claw of the Dragon" with a couple friends and highly recommend you put this on your bucket list if you haven't already ridden it.

We took RT 16 from home in Charlotte, NC to our base in Marion, VA (home of the Lincoln Theatre where the PBS show Song of the South is taped). From Marion there are 6 different routes of varying lengths (see the website link below). We chose the NW route that took us briefly into Kentucky, just so we could say we went as far as Kentucky. The 200 mile loop provided our fill of twisties and scenic views.

All three of us thoroughly enjoyed the ride, the only regret is that we were a a few weeks early for fall colors, the leaves hadn't changed yet. If you ever have a chance to ride in this area, it's well worth you time and effort to get there.

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