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Ive just taken out my lamellar pack after having problems engaging neutral and a dragging clutch. Ive ordered a bennet plate pack after being advised that i have warped plates.
The problem was quite obvious after removing the pack, ......the friction plates have left very shallow indentations on the clutch basket, this doesnt appear to be enough to cause a problem untill you slide the pack back and forth in the basket.
It definately sticks in the grooves left by the plates!!!
I have came across this problem on other bikes and it was resolved by carefully filing the basket. My questions are .......
Shall i replace the plates with non bmw Bennet ones while i have the casing off?
Shall i just replace the old pack after filing the basket?
Shall i renew the pack with geniune parts?
What are the small green bands on the friction plates for?
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