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Colored Flag on your K1200S, want one yourself ?

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I have been in contact with my friend and he can take orders if anyone are interested in the below decals for Your K1200S.
See my post for larger pictures.

This Flag decal could be delivered in "Yellow","Red" and "Grey", (sorry I dont have a picture of the red one)
..or any color of your choise.....

The price is 93€ with German tax (Member from other countries have to pay different taxes) + postage,
this price includes right/left side plus two of the 'new' logo, K1200S.

To order, use this e-mail: [email protected] and direct e-mail to: 'Ralle', tell him Locus sent you and state your color-choise.
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Checkerboard "S"??

I wonder... Has anyone got a pic or photoshop version of an "S" with the old Checkerboard decal on it?? Very curious as to how that would look/work... Might be kinda cool..
It's now 5 years later - are coloured K1200s Flag Decals still available?

Hello all,

It's now 5-years since your original post Locus, so I was just wondering whether your contact can still supply the coloured K1200s chequered flag decals in yellow (I already have a 'spare' yellow rear wheel which I hope that it will colour-match).

Many thanks for your help,

Paul Sims
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