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Will ride for picts
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I decide that I would do an SS1k on my way home from my new work location in Minden, NV to my home in Northglenn, CO. I wanted to get home that night, and decided to take the extra couple steps to certify the ride. Full ride report here.

Some selected pics:

The route:

Re-set the GPS at 7:26 am Mountain Time:

Nevada, early dawn:

Utah, Bonneville Speedway exit:

Wyoming, near the Flaming Gorge:

Colorado, rides end:

My GPS is on a switched circuit so everytime I remove my key to unlock the fuel filler cap, it switches the GPS off and skews the "Stopped Time."

The numbers I got were:
Finish: 23:46:40
Start: 07:26:25
Duration: 16:20:15
Distance: 1085.7
Average Overall Speed: 67.9 MPH

I-80 is posted at 75 MPH for most of this distance.

I left my Escort X50 switched off for both the outbound and return SS1k rides. I have gotten two tickets since getting the Escort, and have realized that I am too enthusiastic with it turned on. I guess I get a false sense of security, or I don't watch the speed as much.

On the trip out to Minden the weekend prior to this, I took Highway 50, "The Loneliest Road in America." I was able to take advantage of the desolation, large sight distances, and straight runs across the salt flats and dry lake beds. The max speed was considerably higher than 93.9 MPH.
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