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(for the non Aussies, cow cocky/dairy farmer poof/homosexual)

Recently I went to my little local watering hole in the bush , it was Sunday arvo and all was pretty quiet, just my self and 3 old cow cocky's down the other end of the bar.
Then in minces this poof and goes up to the bar and said "Pot please barman".
We all eye the poof off for a while then heads down again and get on with out drinking.
For the next few hours this poof is throwing down the pots with gusto when all of a sudden in a loud and masculine voice the poof yells out " Who wants to play Bar Footy" and stupidly one of the old cow cocky's says "Whats Bar Footy".
Well it goes like this the poof says, " Bar Footy is where 2 players each get a pot of beer from the barman, you scull the beer and drop the glass on the counter, rip down yar dacks and face the glass and FART, if you make the glass WOBBLE its a point to you, if you make the glass FALL over its a goal".
" OH I dont know about this" says the old cow cocky, "YOU GO FIRST"
" OK " says the poof, " Barman set up two pots please" the barman sets up the pots and the poof grabs his pot, sculls the beer, drops his dacks, spins around and lets one rip, blows the glass right off the counter, He yells in delight, " Goal to me , Your Kick".
" I dunno about this" declares the old cow cocky. "Oh come have your kick" screams the poof.
"Well ok" say the old cow cocky, he picks up his beer, sculls it down, slams the glass on the counter, drops his dacks, and as he turns to the glass the poof rips down his own dacks and WAM slips one into the old cow cocky.

"OI OI WHAT YAR THINK YAR DOING " YELLS the old cow cocky to the poof.

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