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Hi fellow K riders.

Having had a rather lengthy sojourn from the K scene, I have returned to the marque with a K1200LTSE 2005 (ie powered centre stand model). I purchased the machine complete with the Nav2 system in place (this morning and I wont get the bike until the 13th :( .

I see that the Navigator has gone through a few interations since the Nav 2 came out and I wondered what the difference was between the various offerings from BMW.

I was hoping you gurus out there could go through the differences between the units as a search of the forums does not seem to reveal this info.

Cheers for now


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Howdy Simon,

I would suggest you go to the Garmin site and compare the 2820 to the 2610.

I have had the Nav II and currently have the Nav III. They are both fine units, but there are some benefits of each. If you put a 2GB CF card in the Nav II then the real difference is in the screen interface.

The Nav III as an optional 3D view. The Nav II has a larger speed digits on the display.

If it were me, I would run with the Nav II and only upgrade to the Nav III if the price was very low.

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