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(calm down at the back) :)

Decided to do some "softroading" with the F8GS

Stopped off at Maengwyn Café in Machynlleth for the "all day" breakfast

Then off up to the road from Machynlleth to Llyn Clwyedog which is stunningly gorgeous, however, I'd noticed a few times previously a track off to the right on the top out of Forge with a sign saying there was a wildlife reserve down there. So this time decided to go down the trail, just bumbling along at walking pace.

The wildlife reserve was a lovely small lake with stunning scenery. However, the dirt track carried on past it and being curious I pottered further along.

There were lots of buzzards and red kites overhead. Some of the buzzards were huge, loads bigger than others I've seen. I'm fairly sure Mid Wales has no Golden Eagles so they must have been buzzards.

Eventually I came to a dam, where the trail went down a very steep, very gravelly slope. I ummed and ahhed and eventually decided to walk it down. A third of the way down it occurred to me "What if this was a dead end" and I realised I'd probably not be able to get back up the slope, given the gravel, my rusty off road skills and the slippery ford at the bottom preventing a decent run at it.

However, I'd hit the point of no return as I just couldn't push the bike backwards up the slope. I took this pic as I walked back up to get my helmet and jacket. It's a LOT steeper than it looks.

To give an idea of the location it's here, it really was miles from nowhere

Anyway I carried on, nervous that I "may" have burnt my bridges a bit but hey ho :) .. .of course there was no mobile signal so it would have been a long walk back to civilisation for help :) .

The scenery got better and better absolutely stunning, eventually dropping down to a chained gate into the forest. Thankfully there was a smaller gate for walkers and mountain bikers. Once through it was onto smoother forest dirt trails. In the forest it was lovely and peaceful with again lovely views and that cool pine smell.

Wasn't sure which way to head (note to self carry and OS map next time) ... but kept going downhill which seemed sensible. Eventually the dirt trail opened to a car park with a Ford Mondeo in it, and at the other end tarmac ... woooo hooo :) Never have I been so happy to see tarmac.

Looped back to Dinas Mawddwy and over Bwlch yr Groes (The Pass of the Cross the old pilgrim route)

and down to Bala Lake for a well earned mug of tea and some lemon drizzle cake before making my way home :)

I love motorbikes :)
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