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Yes thats right, they do. It took me lots and lots off goes, but it happened. And now it works every time. Weird.

So thanks to Arielluis from Cardo for prompt attention (even though i didnt end up needing it). I love the ScalaRider and Im glad that i can keep using it.

By the way its a great combination - the Nav sits on your belt or in your jacket, and the voice guidance is fast and accurate. Satellite locks are amazingly quick, maybe its due to cell tower as well as satelite triangulation. Dunno, but its fast.

I prefer just running with the voice nav. I dont want to spend time looking at screens, i just want to watch the cagers.

Other great things about the phone/nav combo -
- you dont have to worry about taking it off the bike when you pay for petrol etc;
- its one less charger to carry;
- tiny size, compared to say the Zumo or TT rider
- easy to send nav points etc to your friends
- unlike the N95, you dont have to subscribe to the voice feature, its in the phone

So worth considering anyway

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Glad you finally got it sorted, Guy. I just bought a Scala Rider also, and I like it. I just have it paired to my phone. I just wanted to be able to answer the damn thing, rather than feel it buzzing, find a place to stop, shut down, dismount, take off my gloves, take off my helmet, find my glasses, see who called, and determine if it was important enough to return the call.

The downside is that I always wore earplugs and now without them there is a lot more wind noise than I am used to. A motorcycle officer told me yesterday to try putting the earplugs back in, saying it would cut the wind noise and actually allow me to hear the speaker better. Sounds strange, but I guess I'll try it.
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