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Duc hunting in Denver

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Denver locals can ride the route to the hills from Denver with their eyes closed -- 6-W to 70-W to 470 to 1) Morrison or to 2) 285 or 3) keep rockin on 70W until you reach altitude (and, more importantly, the best twisties!)

On the way out of the city the ride is full on anticipation of the hills that are to come! 6-West just BEGS for speed with its 5+ mile, 3 lane straightaways. It's usually about 3 miles west of town I have shaken off enough of the morning cobwebs (and sufficiently warmed up the rubber) to start letting the K loose!

Usually, this stretch is quiet ... its about shaking off the "real world" and getting your right brain fully engaged and ready for the miles in front of you ... this day was different.

On Sunday, I happened to catch up with three guys (2 Ducati and 1 Yamaha looking thing) in traffic. I pulled in behind them, making their triplet a quartet for a few miles ... after a mile or two of comfy 75-80 MPH cruising, the lead Duc signals his crew to crank it up.... A DUC HUNT WAS AFOOT!

[[Now, before I get into all this ... I must point out that if you find yourself approaching a "baddass contest" (especially with NON BMW riders), how cool you LOOK will almost always determine (even if partly) the outcome. Read on.]]

I had my opponents beat from the start.

Dressed like a gypsy (no offense to those of gypsian persuasion here), one of the Duc's had on some pimp-ass pink/white good-n-plenty looking racing boots -- with his Levi's tucked into them. [I guess the pro's don't like their dungarees to flap around when they go fast] He liked to jump around a lot -- standing on his pegs, bouncing up and down at 80MPH like he was having some monkey-fit reaction to the traffic ... "me want go faster ... me want go faster ... faster ... go go go"

The guy on the Yamahammy looked like he should be driving a snowmobile or tractor or something -- his helmet was pimp as hell (meaning I liked it) -- really awesome graphix. But his bike was some kind of puke metallic orange thing -- no idea the model, looked like an entry level sport/street bike. He was a monkey-rage-bouncer too -- except he was about 100 lbs bigger than the other monkey-rage bouncer guy so when he did it I was especially disturbed. I actually remember pulling back in case he broke a footpeg or something.

Big-daddy also had an interesting ergo thing going on -- it seemed he couldn't keep his feet on the pegs (while not jumping that is) for longer than 2 minutes. He kept hanging his legs straight off the bike -- making an inverted V shape with his legs. This was just plain silly looking.

The lead guy, on his red Duc, wore a bright white and faded red leather looking suit that matched his bike. He had the best skills of the bunch -- good, safe gear (with some miles on it!) and good riding skills. He liked going fast -- but he wasn't a spaz. I thought I might like riding with him if it weren't for Frick and Frack.

Me. I'm a baddass on my K! Head to toe in black Vansons with my mirrored (don't f**k with me) face shield. MOTOMAN! When I first rode up to these guys I know my gear -- and my ride -- was all it took for these guys to want to see what I had between my legs ... and show me what they had between their legs.

It was on.

After about 2-3 miles of cruising, the three broke into a fit of wild contorsions involving heavy down shifting and throttleplay -- the three leap up to about 100MPH just past the Kipling exit ... I yawned, gave the K about an 1/8th more throttle and caught up to them.

I didn't pass 'em ... I just caught up, and put my hand on my hip in "yawn, I'm bored" posture ... as if to give them another chance to "make the first move."

They flocked toward the right lane ... ready for the next battle.

We slowed as we approached the I-70 exit (nice, sweeping two-lane left turn) -- they were contorting and downshifitng again, ready to make the move when I decided to show them what the mighty K was all about!

I dropped her into 4th, leapt ahead of all three of them, and laid into the curve at about 90. -- total motoGP stylin! The K was rock solid, my timing was perfect and my shifting and throttle work was dead on!

"Rails baby! That's what its like to ride on rails!" I thought to myself as I saw the triplets in my rear view jerking all over the place trying to find their groove in the turn.

I slowed to let them catch up with me ... ahead of us is the exit to 470, another great sweeper (right then left) I took us into at about 70. As I brought the K out of the slight right-hand sweep, I flicked her over for the left-hand sweep, gave an over the shoulder look back to my impromptu riding mates and I gunned it!

Flick of the wrist -- no shifiting needed! -- I took her up to 7500K in 4th, I scored a masterfully executed blip-shift to 5th, then then opened her back up to about 7k!

"That's what my ass looks like at 130MPH fellas!"

I let the bike glide back to a sane speed in the right lane while the three caught up ... I was taking the Morrison exit, they were headed further - probably to 285.

They caught up with me just as my exit approached ... I gave them each a wave as they passed ... gypsies maybe, but if you're on 2-wheels you're okay by me!

As they sped off I thought to myself that my blue irridium face shield was the best purchase I ever made...

That way, no-one could see what a damn silly dufus grin I must have had on my face the whole time!

What a machine!

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nicely done

I know that grin..............

Fun story, thanks.

I had a similar experience between Hotchkiss and McClure's pass a couple of weeks ago. Sad to report though I was playing games with a totally nondescript black Subaru econo box. I'm not even sure they knew I was playing with them. It was great fun tho.
good story

had to laugh through the whole thing. make up some more stuff and send it. :)

seriously, good stuff.
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