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Powerlet Products sells the Powermate kit (several versions) to electrify a tank bag or a tail trunk etc.

Installed a Powermate kit on the BNW Motorrad tank bag so I could wire up my Baehr VersoXL intercom system. The kit I used comes with a SAE to SAE and Cigar type outlet. This will allow me to plug the VersoXL (after modifying the VersoXL's connector to SAE) to the SAE connector while still leaving the Cigar type for other items (iPod, cell phone charging or with an adapter be able to plug in a BMW type plug.)

The setup I have allows for disconnecting the cable from the tank bag and removing the tank bag for security purposes. The cable is attached to the battery directly and has an inline 7.5 amp fuse. I have a separate cable to the battery with a 15 amp fuse for the Warm and Safe heated liner.

Marsee also sells electrified bags but it was cheaper to modify my existing bag than to buy a new one from Marsee.
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