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Hope nobody minds if I put this here...not sure many would look in the For Sale section about this.

I traded my K1200GT for a K1300GT a couple months back. I had a Two Bros CF slip on installed on the K12 that I was never really in love with so I didn't install it on the K13 and I decided I would just keep the stock can.

Well I was fat, dumb, and happy until Friday coming home from work when I guy pulls up next to me on a K1300GT (me in my cage) and I rolled the window down to tell him NICE BIKE, I HAVE ONE TOO! I noticed the difference in sound at idle..but I was on his left so I had no idea why. He went by me getting on the highway on my left and damn his bike sounded great and I was able to get a look at his exhaust...damn it...he had an Akrapovic slip on! It figures, the first time I hear one of those and I am bitten by the bug big time!!

I hear some folks are not in love with the Akrapovic after they installed them, so if you are in that camp and have one laying around...can't really imagine why you'd have a $1200 can just laying around...could you hit me up please?

Now..can anyone tell me what the Remus Powercore sounds like compared to the Akrapovic for comparison? The S board has some people saying the Remus has a hole in the powerband about 4500 rpm?

Thanks and SORRY for an exhaust thread...but I really have never seen or heard a K bike around Dallas with either those slip ons and I not wealthy enough to go out and buy one of each?
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