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Finally got a dry Sunday to go for a putt with the GT. Not a cloud in the sky :)
Headed towards the keys with my Dad on his Indian and his buddy on a 90 something Harley. Stopped off at Alabama Jack's, and I noticed something... the only bikes there that weren't cruisers, were BMW!

Made me feel kinda special.

If any of you guys are headed for the keys during your summer travels, take Card Sound Road from Florida City. Stop at Jack's before you cross the bridge to head into the keys, and take a break from riding with all the other well toasted biker folk. The route beats US1 for the ride into the keys by a lot. Much less congested and even 3, count them, 3 corners!

Just watch out for that one lonesome cloud that thinks yer having too dry a day. It got us, careful it don't get you!

Happy riding.
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