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I set this up for MSTA (HSTA), but thought some of the folks here might be interested as well:

According to Native American legend, the Creator looked upon this area with special favor and reached down to bless it, leaving the imprint of His hands, thus forming the Finger lakes.*

Join fellow riders from the northeast for a weekend of riding around three of the Finger Lakes. Saturday (afternoon) we will ride around Cayuga Lake and Owasco Lake. On Sunday morning, we will ride around Seneca Lake. Each ride route, depending on how much time you spend off the bike (i.e. visiting wineries, enjoying the view, etc) is designed to take from 3 hours up.

Join us Saturday, enjoy the afternoon ride, join the group for dinner at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant, spend the night in Ithaca (or Elmira), ride around Seneca Lake Sunday morning, and then head home. Or get their Friday night. Spend all day Saturday riding. Whatever.

Suggested Lodging: Comfort Inn, 356 Elmira Road, Ithaca NY 14850 (use your Choice Hotels HSTA Discount 1-877 424 6423 ID#00800151 or approx $80 and up. Hampton Inn, 337 Elmira Rd;, Ithaca NY, more expensive, short walk to Comfort Inn . Garcia's Mexican Restaurant located right between the two motels. Other restaurants nearby.

Less expensive, but a short ride away, in Elmira NY, is another Choice Hotel, with a discounted rate of around $56.00. Econo Lodge, 871 Rt 64, Elmira NY. Call the toll free number, or use website, with your HSTA ID. There is an Applebees adjacent.

Map ride directions and GPS routes will be available from Don Goldberg. Send an email to [email protected]. I will also keep you posted on meeting places, times, etc.
See you there!

Don Goldberg


Finger Lakes Maps and Directions Now Available.

The GPS routes, and the turn-by-turn directions for the two rides in the Finger Lakes region on May 2-3 are now available. If you are interested in joining us for this "fun ride," please send an email to [email protected]. Let me know if you want the GPS files, written directions, or both. I will email them to you.

Also, please let me know if you will be staying at the Comfort Inn or Hampton Inn, near Ithaca. While this is not a highly structured event, we will try offer as much coordination and comaraderie as possible, including a rendezvous for dinner Saturday evening.

Some have expressed an interest in arriving Friday evening. I might be interested in that as well. We can coordinate that as well, if necessary.

Be sure to leave room in your saddle bags for a few bottles of wine, as you are sure to be tempted to visit at least a few of the many wineries in the area.

Looking forward to seeing you there,
Don Goldberg

Don Goldberg ([email protected])
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