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Fix Sticky Sena Cardo Units

Our Sena Cardo intercom units are well over a decade old but still perform flawlessly.

This past year the outer surfaces became sticky. This could not be washed off since it due to deterioration of the spray-on coating. This type of coating is used with many types of electronic devices and, as with the Sena product, will eventually breakdown and become sticky. In fact, some of the knobs are our car radio have developed the same problem.

You can solve this problem by removing the sprayed-on coating. To do this, apply a liberal coat of a hand sanitizer gel on the sticky surfaces (units should be disconnected and powered off) and leave on overnight.

Then gently wipe off the coating with a soft terry cloth or microfiber rag the next day. Repeat as needed.

Note that there are rubber panels around the various buttons with the same texture and appearance as the coating. You'll be able to tell the difference with good lighting as the coating is wiped off.

BTW, We discovered several small, hairline cracks in the now exposed outer plastic cases. These were along the sides. I patched these with some JB Weld Steel Epoxy but I think careful use of superglue would also work. The epoxy was "massaged" into the cracks and the excess wiped off.

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