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Price: $5,000

Location: Memphis, TN.

Miles: 26,500

History: I bought this used from Grass Roots BMW in Cape Girardeau, MO with about 21,000 miles on it in the fall of 2012. I thought I was going to keep this forever, but I bought a K1600GT this weekend, so this one has to go to make room in the garage.

A couple of months after I purchased it, the clutch started slipping, so I replaced the blown o-ring and rear main seal behind the flywheel, put in a new clutch plate an all new fasteners (many in the driveline are one-time-use only). It's been about a year and 3,500 miles since the rebuild. ABS, cruise control and heated grips.

Known issue:
- The windshield is twisted slightly to the right. It's been this way since I purchased the bike. When I replaced the clutch, I had the nosecone off and could not find any mounting points that were bent. The bike tracks straight, and there's no damage that I can see anywhere to the nosecone, so I'm at a loss to explain this.

What comes with the bike:
- bmw system cases. No major scuffs. Slight wear given that they are 10 years old.
- stock seat and Sargent seat. Sargent is pictured above
- Two Brothers Racing muffler. It sounds mean without being overbearing. There is no stock muffler
- stock windshield and tall windshield. Tall windshield is pictured above
- barbacks
- AGM battery about 9 months old
- front tire is about 80%, rear I'd say has 3-5,000 miles.
- filters and fluids were changed at 23,000 miles when I replaced the clutch.
- BMW K1200S tankbag
- GT style handguards. SierraBMW link. Pictured above. These are great in the wintertime to channel cold air off your hands. They come off in about 5 minutes, with the removal of two screws on each side.
- Givi topcase rack. topcase not included.
- Kisan flashing brake like modulator.
- Piaa 1100x driving lights.
- new heated grip for throttle side. I replaced the passenger heated grip last year, you can only buy them in pairs. I didn't replace the throttle side at the time since it's working fine.
- Garmin cradle for Zumo660/665/BMW Nav IV/V on the clutch reservoir.
- GPS bracket on the top triple clamp. Pictured below. When I bought the bike, it has a Streetpilot mounted here. I sold the Streetpilot but haven't gotten around to taking off the clamps to remove this. You can put your GPS here if you don't like it on the left handlebar.
- windshield bracket for radar detector. In the picture below. If you don't like this, it can be removed in 5 minutes. There's also a full size cigarette-lighter outlet underneath the gauges so you can plug in your radar detector.

Pickup: I normally offer to deliver bikes for airfare back to Memphis, but I don't have any time until May for additional trips, and would like to sell it before then. We can pick you up at the MEM airport. Or, we go to St. Louis a lot, so I could deliver it there for a MegaBus ticket back to Memphis. I'd get on the bike today to ride it anywhere without a thought.
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