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I have a 2006 BMW K1200GT, loaded with all features including front and rear heated seats, Heated Grips, cruise control, Electronic Suspension Adjustment, luggage, electronic adjustable windshield, ABS, On Board computer with handlebar control to switch between various statistics including temperature, mileage, distance till empty and more. I also have the following aftermarket parts installed: Aeroflow Tall Windshield (I have the AeroGuards as well, but have never installed), headlight protector, Stiebel Nautilus air horn (factory horn disconnected but still installed, 5 minute switch if desired), official BMW K1200GT tank bag, and radar detector mount. 26,000 miles. Dealer serviced by Sierra BMW. Paint damage from parking lot spill. Detailed pictures and security video of spill available below. Motorcycle garage stored in Reno, NV. Can deliver to Sacramento area for the right price.

Motorcycle with BMW 49L trunk: $7600
All reasonable offers considered. Can arrange pickup at Reno airport if fly-n-buy.


I purchased the motorcycle from it's original owner in 2011 with under 7,000 miles in Phoenix Arizona. I then commuted on the motorcycle, took an 8,000 mile road trip from Reno to Key West to hit the Southern US states I was missing (hit most of the northern states on a Honda Goldwing 1800) and continued to commute year round. Unfortunately this included the first rain of 2012 following my work's parking lot being re-sealed (hereby known as beemers on ice) where unfortunately I experienced a low speed (<15mph) crash leaving my parking lot, seen here (link to Google Drive video pre-removed, in accordance with forum rules, MOD's let me know if I can post) . Only damage to the bike being paint on the bodywork. Had the bike checked out by Sierra BMW (who has done all service during my ownership) and the bike has been fine for the last 6,000 miles or so since the crash. Sierra BMW's recommended body repair specialist indicated that it would cost $1,000 to repair the panels with BMW original paint (which is made out of unicorn tears, so it seems). Title is clean.

As such, you have the choice of riding one of the best sport touring bikes on the planet for $7500 with some minor rash on one side, or having a new looking bike for $8500 with repairs. Or you can take the $1000 you're saving and put it towards changing the color of the bike if you want something other than Dark Graphite.

The bike is comfortable doing long distances, and I was just as comfortable on this bike as I was on my previous GL1800 Goldwing since I like a little knee bend. That being said, they are different bikes obviously, and have different strengths, the K1200GT being optimized more for higher speed touring, and a little more fun in the twisty's (the Tail of the Dragon was quite fun on this bike). The K1200GT bikes have been run in Iron Butt competitions, and are well suited to both short mountain rides near your home, as well as 600+ mile days. Pretty much all of the motorcycle rags awarded the K1200GT top sport-touring accolades regardless of price, or indicated that it was the best bike however was too expensive to justify first place.

All recalls performed up till now, with the cam chain tensioner being updated and jump guard installed at my expense around 9,000 miles as preventative maintenance, before the recall was announced. No indication of any problems with the old parts, however I'm of the mindset that I'd rather pay a little extra and remove all doubt, rather than risk damage or downtime. Tires have less than 3,000 miles I believe. Services including the often unnecessary 18K valve adjustment completed as scheduled (no adjustment needed) by Sierra BMW, can be contacted for service details.

I also have the BMW 49Litre Top Case as well that is keyed to the rest of the bike .

I'm 6'5", and the K1200gt is amazing in it's ability to be steadily flat footed in the parking lot by shorter riders, as well as fit larger riders such as myself comfortably for long distances. It's weight capacity is surprisingly higher than that of the Goldwing, so touring 2-up is not a problem.

PM me with questions or your number if you would like to talk over the phone. Bike can be test ridden with cash in hand. Bike is licensed and insured for the time being. I am selling because by luck I was able to buy-back my old R1150GS that I sold 5-6 years ago, and my touring days are largely over. Garage is full with two bikes, so I'm selling the K-bike.

Pictures and Video:
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