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81000km since I bought it new in early 2009. Has been all over NSW and Tasmania, bits of Queensland, and a decent amount of Victoria.

Runs, not registered, probably best for a parts bike. Rear ESA is shagged (won't change between 1up/2up/etc) and when I last rode it (January 2013), and the transmission was getting a bit difficult to shift. HID headlight, panniers, tyre pressure monitoring, no topbox. Michelin Pilot Road3 tyres that were not far off new when I stopped riding it.

Warranty things done:

- headlight replaced at some point (sorry, don't know when)
- gearbox & clutch replaced with K1300 versions at 40kkm
- final drive rebuild at 40kkm
- wiring for front brake pad sensor repaired or replaced somewhere around 20kkm
- rear shock/spring assembly replaced at (I think) 40kkm

Fairing and panniers have a couple of scratches as it has had one fairly gentle stationary drop on each side. The kind where you try to hold it up and then realise that it is futile and let it down as gently as possible.

I realise that quite a lot of this sounds negative. On the positive side, the engine never showed even a hint of trouble, no oil consumption or funny noises. No valve adjustments so far, though at the last check the service shop mentioned they'd probably need doing next time around.

3000AUD or make an offer. I want it out of my garage, need to clear up space for other bikes.

Will post pics when I have enough light to go take them.

Please contact by PM.
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