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For those that are 'heavy' into Garmin GPS units there are some questions that have some significance to purchasing. I will do my best to not confuse this issue any more than the confusion that already exists.
1. Difference(s) between 378 and 478 are the source of data as the 378 pre-loaded with inland lake information AND road informaiton. Rest the same, altho' there are some issues to be considered using routes.
2. 376C continues to use City Select OR City Navigator, 1 Gb datacards probably going to be announced shortly (mortgage your house)

3. For the 378 ONLY, creating routes on your PC and transferring these routes to the 378, ONLY, the unit COULD COME UP WITH ROUTING DIFFERENCES FROM THE ROUTE YOU ALREADY HAVE OR HAVE CREATED ON YOUR COMPUTER. I COULD NOT GET A SPECIFIC ANSWER WITH REGARDS TO THESE MINOR DIFFERENCES. The only way to NOT get these differences is to do the routing DIRECTLY on the GPS/378.

4. Routing done on your computer and transferred to the 478 SHOULD be correct. NOTICE THE OPERATIVE WORD SHOULD.

Hope that answers questions.
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