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Looks like the "GT" label is going to stick. Since rumors of the new RT/GT surfaced, we first saw it as the new K1200GT, then a few months back, rumors floated that it would be the new K1200RT. Now it looks like we are back to calling it a GT.

Adding substance to the "GT" handle is the fact that Michael Bense' site for the "S" based sport-tourer has official been renamed from K1200RT to K1200GT.

You can access that sight now by using the following URL:

Nothing really new on the Michael's site, same original spy photos. He has set-up a "forum" for the new bike; anticipating more information to come sooner, than perhaps, later.

Kjell keeps an eye on the German forums and will most certainly pass along any information that develops there; and I will make used of one of the on-line translators, which sometimes actually "translates".

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