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Just sold a bike that's been part of my life for the last 30 plus years. It use to belong to friend. It was his pride and joy that ended up neglected and sad. I rescued it out of a storage locker that he was going to let go after running off to Alaska.
It took over 5 years just to find all of the parts to put it back together. I really coveted this bike sense the first time I saw it.
Finally the day came when all of the hard work and effort came to life. I had finally gotten my dream bike. It rode rougher than hell and beat the crap out of me on just a couple hour ride. Usually followed up by ibuprofen, a beer and nap but I had my dream bike. I just figured that's how it was. Until I test rode my K12.
flash forward 5 years. My dream bike has been sitting in the corner of the garage for longer than I want to say. I do pull it out to wash it, start it to keep the battery charged up and keep the carbs from getting gummed up but that was it. Any time I went for a ride that was longer than 10 minutes I am on my K1200RS and loving every minute of it.
So I put it up for sale. A flurry of responses for my 1984 Honda V65 Magna. I decided to go on one last ride. I sold it shortly afterwards. The guy showed up after work and drove 135 miles to see it. Took it for a very short test drive down the street and handed me my full asking price no questions asked. We shook hands told him last I knew the low fuel light works but at 125 miles on the trip meter I would be looking for a gas station and away he went.
Was really crazy watching it drive away.
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