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Well, the beta is here and it looks like it's going to be some good stuff. Here is what the new software will do:


  • ABS auto identify (ABS2/iABS)
  • ZFE Clear DTC issue (on ZFE High)
  • MA2.4 real-time scaling

  • incorrect flagging our software by AntiVir

  • Service reminders (on all models that support Service reminders)
  • Idle Actuator Calibration function for all CAN-bus R-Series motorcycles
  • Support reading of "Distance to next valve-clearance check" for F and K-series
  • brake pad reset on K1200GT
  • Switching off of lights on CAN-bus motorcycles (during diagnosis)
  • Imperial and Metric units
  • Installer to complete with Finish screen
  • Automatic USB driver installation
  • 64bit support for XP/Vista
  • Added full functionality for ABSN (including real-time values and Bleed tests)
  • Enhanced BMSC real-time values (C-Series and F650 (single cylinder, single spark))
  • Enhanced BMSC2 real-time values (All G650 models and F650 (2 spark, single cylinders)
  • Enhanced BMSK real-time values (added values (fuel pressure, etc.), including digital outputs - all CAN-bus motorcycles)
  • Plotting of Lambda sensor voltage
  • New GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Added support for G650GS and F800R
  • Added basic support for G450X (ECUinfo and Fault code reading and clearing)
  • Support for checking Main stand and seat-belt switch operation on C1 and C1-200
  • Basic support for Tyre Pressure (RDC), Anti-theft Alarm (DWA) and Radio (RBT) control modules
  • Introducing Enthusiast (max of 10 motorcycles for Service functionality) and Professional version
  • Online upgrades from Enthusiast to Professional version
  • Updated fault codes (current up to 2009)

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This is sounding great, I think its time to invest. I bleed our bikes brakes so being to do the bleed test would be of value. What are all the enhanced BMSK real-time values? How about a screen shot?
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