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Who has or where can I find some normal data values for a K1200GT 06-08 from a g911?

I have a '07 1200gt who has a couple of issues - the exhaust (only the exhaust) is getting very very hot (incandescent) inside up to melting point (i'm already on my third BMW stock exhaust - at first I thought it was an exhaust problem) and has some extremely poor gas mileage,

I don't have any competent BMWs dealers around me so... I bought a GS911 and started testing it, but beside a loose wire on the ESA (already fixed it) there are no errors or faults logged in.

The only thing unusual that I could find was the high fuel pressure - in the repair manual the normal fuel pressure is 3,8BAR but on my bike the fuel pressure is higher 4,4 or higher.

I don't want to jump right in and change the fuel pump (expensive little thing) and this is why Im trying to find some more data logs from similar but good running bikes to compare it to my bike.

I'm attaching a graph from my fuel pump.

thank you.


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