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Handguard recommendations for K12RS?

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I think I'd like some handlebar mounted handguards for my RS -- looking for wind protection more than anything else.

The BMW handguards for the GS bikes are butt ugly (and probably wouldn't fit anyway).

Anyone try guards from Powermadd or Acerbis guards? I like the look of both and they both offer cool colors ... but I wonder if the mounting systems will fit the K12RS.


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I have not found any that work like the R-GS. However, I did buy the unfinished K-GT jobbies that attach to the fairing and they work just fine. I ride year 'round here in VA and they do the trick. Would have loved the Orient Blue OEM GT pieces, but the $212/ea was a little steep. If I get the itch I can always get the appropriate paint through Color Rite. Don't remember the exact cost, but it was less than $60 for the set. And they are coming off when it warms up anyhow...

Hope this helps some! :tim
Hand protection for the k1200GT

You refer to the O E parts for the bike, what is the part nimber? the dealer here in Tucson is unaware of it.
the unfinished K-GT jobbies that attach to the fairing
part #'s

46 63 7 663 202
46 63 7 663 201

One is the left side and the other the right. I've got them on my RS. They're the same color/finish as the belly pan and disappear into a blue/white RS.

I'm surprised Iron Horse didn't know what you were talking about. They're pretty sharp (I bought my bike from them). Maybe it was a new guy.
The hand wind guards are about $25 each or $50 for the pair. The flat black color seems to disappear into the Orinet Blue. Still, I am seriously considering having them painted this summer when I take them off.

For reference, attached is a picture. I have 40mm bar backs installed so visually adjust the picture if you don't.



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wind guards

I just got the bmw wind guards but no instructions. I bolted right over the top of the fairing. Is that right? Does anyone have instructions or did I do it right?

Sounds like you did right. You just take out the two screws holding each trim piece on either side of the instrument cluster, put the GT handguards in place over the trim pieces, and put the screws back in.
wind guard mount

Thanks for the info.

These things are awsome. They work great up to about 60 mph. I have not gotten a chance to get on the highway yet. The are worth the 60 bucks.

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