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I have read that the engine balance shaft in a K75 counteracts the torque action of the longitudinal crank and therefore the bike should handle the same way turning left or right.

In practice I find I have to wrestle my bike down to the right although it flows easily and smoothly when turning left.

We ride on the left of the road over here so roundabouts go to the right and right-turns are usually against traffic. Because the bike doesn't lean that way easily, these are often slow uncomfortable manouvres. However, even at speed I find I have to work at getting it through a right hand bend while it just tracks its own path easily round to the left.

Till now I've been thinking this problem might be in me. Maybe I just find it unnatural leaning that way and so I ride differently turning right? However, last weekend I noticed something that makes the thing more puzzling. The problem goes away when riding two up. With two on board the bike leans to the right as naturally as to the left.

So now I'm asking is this something else. Is the back spring too hard? Does the spring mounting on the right create more resistance to leaning right, that extra rear weight overcomes?

Can anyone enlighten me? Has anyone cured the problem?
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