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Heated seat revisited....

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After checking connections and so on, I've determined the problem is in the seat itself. There lies the real problem.....get a new one?.....try to repair it.....can the internal heater wiring be replaced......anyone work through this before?
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I Fixed MIne

My heated seat failed and I found that the wires had broken inside the seat itself. here's what I did:

Carefully removed all the staples holding the seat cover to the seat pan.

Removed the cover and foam together from the pan (No need to separate the cover from the foam)

Dug into the foam until the found where the wires were my case, it was in the forward area, just where my body weight rested.

Using a Dremel tool, I hollowed out the foam around the broken wires in order to allow room to solder the wires back together) To allow access without destroying too much of the foam, I cut out a couple of large block shaped sections of foam .

I soldered the broken wires, and covered each wire with heat shrink to give a little more strength.

I filled up the cavity around the repaired wires and glued back the large pieces of foam using silicon adhesive.

Since I didn't have the right stapler, I took the seat to an auto upholstery shop to re-attach the cover and foam. (Cost $65....yipes!)

This all happened recently, but I've since put about 1500 miles on the seat and it works fine. I'm worried however, that there is an inherent failure mode where your weight rests on the wires. I had about 30,000 on miles when it broke. I weigh 170 lbs

Let me know if I can provide any more info.

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I'm a bit heavier....well, a lot heavier at 230....:)

Sounds like a long weekend project, but seems doable.

I had a feeling there is nothing new under the sun. It happened to me at 44,000 first I thought it may have been the switch. I'm planning on having a Russell seat made out of the pan anyway.
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