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I wanted to share an experience with you where a company has made great products in the past but then fails to live up their reputation. I've had three wonderful pairs of HELD gloves over the years. The most recent purchased at the HELD booth at Daytona BMW in the Fall 2007. I didn't get around to using them until 2008. They were the waterproof Raindrop gloves but they leak like a sieve. So did my friend's pair that he bought elsewhere on my recommendation. When the gloves were sent to the U.S. HELD headquarters for evaluation, Tommy Kincaid at HELD sent the following email:

"Hi Richard,
I have made two test on your gloves.
A quick test in a sink full of water, showed no gross leaks.
An overnight test (over 18 hours) the left glove was only damp inside and
the right was full of water.
So the gloves do show to be leaking."

I'd say so. The gloves had been worn twice- once in dry weather and once in wet weather when I discovered the factory defect. Since they were sent back beyond the 12 months, HELD USA offered no exchange or repair for my new condition leaky HELD gloves. They were "generous" to offer a whopping 20% off to buy another pair from HELD gloves from them. I'm no expert on glove construction but I suspect the Gortex liners were damaged when the gloves were sewn at their factory. They still look brand new. Needless to say, I will never buy another pair of HELD glovers again. They lost a customer for life. After taking care of patients for 20 years, I understand the need to look at both sides of a situation. HELD could have done a number of things to right this situation but they chose not to do so.

So please be warned. I am very supportive of companies that make great products and provide customer support. When a product fails, good companies make an effort to make it right. HELD USA unfortunately has taken the route that their European headquarters would not permit them to replace or fix the leaky gloves. I wanted to share this with you so you don't have to go through the anguish I went through with expensive brand name gloves that didn't live up to their reputation and a company that refused to anything about it. I was 3-5 months beyond the warranty period but this is not the best way to handle a manufacturing defect.


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I'll chime in with my 2 cents worth... :dunno:

If they've seen the gloves - and tested them, so it appears - and they appear to be new and minimally unused, then shame on them no matter when they may have been purchased. If they look new and they leak water, I agree with you. They should have been replaced. Dealers keep the same crap on their shelves for years even if it has been updated (e.g. Don't get me started with the Nolan N-Com I and N-Com II helmet Blue-Tooth speaker and communication gear!).

BMW, with the 1300's, replaced a lot of the faulty switch-gear with the same crap. At least they still replaced it (again) even if it is more of the same crap.

Mack (who owns some HELD yellow-palmed gloves too).
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