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GS-911 rant

Yeah the GS-911 is a nifty little gadget and will query your onboard computers in a variety of ways. It will get a running log of operational characteristics which you can download and view and graph on your desktop.

HOWEVER. I had trouble with my 2010 K1300GT and looked at all the static and dynamic information. I needed to know the proper baseline values, but these are unavailable. Even the Hexcode forum members couldn't/wouldn't reveal them. Surely they must know. I was referred at one point to a set of values for another K13GT that had a running issue, but it was never clearly made known which of those values were improper, to what good is a(nother) set of readings where one or more are inappropriate/invalid?

I got my GS-911 secondhand and it's the best window into the works that I have, given the near-complete lack of information as to the workings of the bike. Anyone know what fuel injection scheme is used? It's a Bosch product but that company has sold a handful of different schemes from D-jet, L-jet, K-jet (CIS) and DME, you pick (you'll be wrong). The bike runs an Alpha-N system (ever heard of that?) What is the correct fuel pressure? No one would say (about 42 psi). Does the fuel pump supply constant pressure or does it vary somehow, and if varying, how is it controlled? (Constant, with a pressure sensor on the fuel rail). And many more parameters. Getting one of these is like have a torque wrench but no torque values for the fasteners. I ended up having the bike trucked to the dealer for a week-long visit and a goodly chunk of change. I don't blame the dealer for this at all; the tech I eventually spoke to was informed and even he commented that Motorrad makes him a parts replacer by requiring electronic connection to the factory, then only telling the tech to "replace this or that" with no dialog as to why the recommendation is made. For a vehicle out of warranty, too.

I don't dispute it's a useful gadget, and nearly the only thing available unless you have access to bootleg BMW software, but the lack of baseline data is very frustrating. Not necessarily the fault of Hexcode, but one would hope that, for the money they charge, they'd have to know, and I suggest (much after the fact of purchase) that Hexcode make the data known AT LEAST to the original buyer and AT LEAST for the specific model he/she owns.
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