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Hi from Derbyshire england

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just brought the bmw k1300s 2010 for a Germany trip, usually ride a yam fazer 1000 but fancied a change.
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Welcome. Very clean looking cycle. There is no such thing as a bad question here. Lots of very knowledgeable folks, and you can always expect at least one opinion on anything 馃榿.
These look nice in white. Buy some paint pens and do up a doodle art motif.
Are you going to drive to Berlin to show the bike its birthplace?
It's actually ment to be gray, when the sun hits it and you look across the paint you can see the gray but looking straight at it it's white. Heading for the Nurburgring with some mates should be interesting lol
I had a similar seat for my former '06 K12s. I think I bought it from Verholen but it was made by Bagster, a French-based manufacturer of motorcycle accessories. Over time, I noticed that the slots at the front of the seat pan, the ones that secure the seat near the rear portion of the fuel tank, started to crack and break off in small bits. Upon closer inspection I found the seat pan material to be made of a substandard amalgamation of plastic & resin. The slots had rubber grommets to ensure a tight fit where the mounting posts meet the slots. The grommets that came with the new seat were substandard as well so I bought OEM grommets from my BMW dealer which helped slow down the seat pan's decay.

I loved the seat. It was quite comfortable because it had gel pads in the right spots. The seat's construction also changed its mounting geometry, i.e., less forward slant towards the tank, and that kept my junk from encountering the tank under hard braking.

Long story short, you might want to remove the seat and inspect its pan and mounting areas. Nice bike, congrats!!

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I'll have a look thanks for the heads up 馃憤
Hi Timmy.
Welcome. I live near Stroud. You'll find great advice on here.
Nice bike. I know someone who bought a low mileage S in that colour last year. The Pipe Werx can looks decent too - thinking of fitting one to my GT.
Not sure if you've been to the Ring yet (?) but, if not, I took my 1300S there last year with some mates and it went round rather well. I posted a vid here if you're interested Rear suspension link.
You may want to think about fitting the Schwabenmax 31mm suspension plates too - they transform the handling. (Lithium battery is another no-brainer - saves about 4Kg of high-up weight).
Hi Duncan, the bloke I brought it of only had it a year probley the same person, he put a new battery on it but when I took it for a spin it had the "hot charge" problem witch I've sorted so I think that's why he got rid, July nurburgring looking forward to it
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