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Hi guys, with your encouragement and information I have just done a HID install on my S.
I purchased the kit from HIDS4U in the UK and it was stated as Canbus tested. When the kit arrived I was impressed by the small size of the components, which eased the installation. The install took about 2hrs and went well and works perfectly, no warning lamps or problems, just ''plug and play''
The install took the following procedure:-
1. Remove both side fairings, screen and headlight fairing.
2. Cut rubber bung from original cable position supplied and then cut new 25mm hole in the side of the headlight to pass cables through.
3. Fit new bulb, plug power cables into original bulb supply and route cables through headlight to ballast and starter positions.
4. Secure starter and ballast, connect all cables, re-fit panels and the jobs done!
Photo attached.
Cheers Jools

PS Zumo on order, to replace my Quest (You guys give me to many ideas)


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