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Hi, please help with high idle problem
My bike is a 1998 k1200rs with 38,000 miles
About more than a year at stop light the idle rpm change from 1100-1250 to 1500-1650
I read a lot of post about this problem but cant fix it
Solution of more of this posts is to reset the tps by throttle and switch, I know that I did this task correctly because i can hear the iac adapting.
Also I have the gs-911 and did the tps adjusting and this dont solve the problem
I already replace, tps, iac, temp sensor,without sucess.
I tried to found an air leak and this is not the problem but i already replace hoses from bodythrottle to head , body throttle hose to crank vent and fuel injector o rings,
Body throttles are correctly synchronized, air and fuel filter correct
I dont feel that I have power loss, only the high idle
On my search to solve this problem I tried to tweak the tps position with momentary sucess until adjusted to 1500 at idle again
I read that gs-911 setup at k1200rs model is not correct, that I need to try k1200gt instead . (Not tried)
But i tried to adjust by volts and is the same thing
When i adjust tps in other parameter i feel a poor response
Also adjust body trottles without iac instaledd to run smoot at 900-1050 rpm at working temperature but when I installed the iac inmediatly goes to 1500
Like if the ecm is raising the rpm to 1500 as idle
What is your advice
Can be sonething that is telling the ecm an incorrect rpm speed ?
Thanks in advance

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It still sounds to me that the ECU always thinks the engine is "cold" and holds the idle at a higher speed than normal. On most bikes, that would indicate a bad temp sensor, or that the temp signal is not reaching the ECU. How did you check for an intake leak? Spraying a mist of water around the intake boots is a common method. If the idle changes at all, you have a leak pulling in the mist. Are you using any kind of manual along with your trouble-shooting? I have a Clymer, which is better than nothing. You can pick one up on ebay. The GS 911 hooked to a laptop should show you if all the sensors are providing correct data to the ecu. Good luck.
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