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I resurrected this thread for 2 reasons...

1) A couple of people have recently mentioned it, the symptoms at least..
2) I just did it myself.

On the way back from the dealer (yea yea I know) :( , I turned it off outside the garage and went to restart it and two slow turns died off to nothing.. At gas stations it would be slow but would eventually fire up. Since I'm heading to Newfoundland and Labrador in a week I figured it might be the smart thing to do ;)

It's pretty easy, get a 8 or 10 gauge wire and connect it from the positive battery terminal down to the relay (red wire). YES there's a physical relay. It's located under the air box on the left side. Then, run the same gauge wire from the relay (black wire) to the terminal on the side of the starter. You do not remove any stock wiring. Just run them parallel allowing more current to travel. Yes I already have an odyssey battery that stays on a tender. Ran the bike around a while in 90 degree temps and now she refires just as quick and strong as when cool 👏
Thanks for the tip. On my 2005 K1200S (my seventh BMW with K1200 engine) I had first hot start issue this past weekend. I knew immediately what was wrong. Did not want to sit on the curb another 30 minutes for it to cool down, I walked across the street to a car mechanic shop to ask for help. I was lucky where I got stranded. They jump started my bike. I tipped them worth couple beers. They were happy. I rode back home and started opening it to add supplemental wiring harness. I've made my own complete supplemental wiring harness using 6 Gauge (4 feet) for main wire and 8 gauge (1.5 feet) for Starter relay connections and reused the starter relay connectors and the starter relay itself. Those square connectors were bitch to remove even using precision tool flat screwdrivers, but after an hour of struggle, managed to get them off. CAD$35 vs CAD $230 but I did not get new relay but used the original. I did the similar work using BMW supplied supplemental wiring harness kit 12 41 8 532 735 on one of my previous K1200GT and knew how easy is it to get to it. I again realized how small diameter wire they used to power the starter meant to crank 120cc engine and never realized it would get affected by heat. Just looking at where everything is located, no wonder the heat affecting the small poxy wiring they used in original application.....
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