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how Can I ?

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How Can I transfer the music from my Ipod to Itunes without losing it. I have heard that there is a program to do so but where or how can I buy it?

I had everything in my computer stored but it crashed and I replaced it now the songs are in the IPOD and I don't want to go to every song to copy it again from CD to ITunes.
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ipod Backup

I really like a program called Xplay 3 by MediaFour. I was able to make an exact copy of my ipod. My wife and I share a computer and the itunes on it has a lot of her music on it. I have my entire music collection exactly the way I like it on my ipod and was able to create a copy of it as a back up. I use a Mac computer and the software only works on a PC. But it works equally well with a Mac or Pc formatted ipod. I just used a neighbors computer and an external portable hard drive. The software does everything for you just drop and drag. You don't have to be computer savvy or an engineer.
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