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How many motorcycles do you own?

  • Just one

    Votes: 183 33.9%
  • I've got a couple

    Votes: 179 33.1%
  • Three

    Votes: 89 16.5%
  • Four

    Votes: 40 7.4%
  • Five

    Votes: 19 3.5%
  • I'm a bike-a-holic with 6 or more (specify in a reply):

    Votes: 30 5.6%

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I have owned three and I woud love to add the 1000RR to the collection but I've got to get a kid throuhg college before that will happen :crybaby:

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07 K1200GT SE ~for those long tours
03 R1100S BoxerCup ~ for hooligan afternoons in the mountain passes
01 DRZ400S ~ for hooligan weekends over the mountains :)
86 R80RS ~ the classic
81 GN400 ~ the winter run around
90 AR50 .... work in progress
87 FS1E ... work in progress
Sukida SK90PY .... PW80 look alike :)

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It doesn't take a load of money to enjoy multiple bike disorder. I buy them cheap, fix them, ride them, and flip them.

An R1200CLC to tote the old ball and chain to a distant B&B. Bought new in '03 for a mere 14,500. Only the third bike I have bought new in 50 years. We put on about ten K a year.

A 2007 KLR650 all farkled & customized to take me camping. Bought second hand in '09 for a mere 2900. I put on about 10K a year.

A 1990 K75C to dash to the office opr the gym, with an occasional solo distance trip. Bought as a project for 1500. Bought to flip; but the market stinks right now, so... having fun riding her. Only had her on the road six months and I've put on about 8K. Wish I had a longer commute.

Good thing I only have a one car garage or I wouldn't be able to keep th em all rode. Can't understand how guys get by with only one. Got to have a plow horse, a saddle horse, a pack horse... one horse won't do it all. They are so cheap to score and cheap to own. Wife's Durango costs more than my 3 bikes put together and costs literally ten times as much to insure, five times as much per mile to drive.

Buy more bikes.
41 - 48 of 48 Posts