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How You Loose Your License In France

French Dirving License
As mentioned many times before in articles on this site, France (as other European countries) have a point system for driving licenses.

The more you get caught, the more points you get. Points are taken back after three years !

You start with 0 points on your license, and for every time they catch you, you get a certain number of points. Once you've reach 12 points, you loose your driving license.

It is possible to deduct some points by going to a special "sensitivity" training day. This can only be done once. You can reduce half the points you've got with one of these trainings.

You can loose your license for three years, and then you need to pass your tests again, something not that easy.

So here's a recap on what they'll do when they catch you....i.e., here's the points you get for doing something stupid..

1 Point

* Partially driving over a continuous white line
* Driving 20 kilometers over the speed limit

2 Points

* Driving 20 - 30 kilometers over the speed limit
* Accelerating while being taken over by another vehicle
* Driving or stopping on the island sections between roads on an autoroute
* Using a telephone with your hands
* Using a radar detector

3 Points

* Driving in the left lane while not passing
* Driving over a continuous white line
* Changing lanes or direction without assuring that there is no danger
* Overtaking dangerously
* Not respecting the legal distance between vehicles
* Stopping or parking dangerously
* Stopping/Parking at night or during bad weather, when there is no outside lights, and not turning on your own parking lights
* Driving on the autoroute emergency lane
* Not having your seat-belt on
* On a motorcycle, not having a helmet, or wearing a non-homologated helmet
* Driving outside the restrictions of your driving license

4 Points

* Not giving priority (cars, pedestrians)
* Not stopping at a Stop sign, or a red light
* Driving 40-50 kilometers over the speed limit
* Driving at night or in fog without adequate lights
* Driving backwards on an autoroute
* Driving the wrong way on a one-way street

6 Points

* Driving 50 kilometers over the speed limit
* Driving with more than 0.5 gr/liter of alcohol in the blood
* Involuntary manslaughter, or involuntary corporal wounding another driver so they can never work again
* Refusing alcohol testing
* Hit & Run
* Refusing to stop when summoned by the authorities
* Hindering traffic
* Using fake license plates
* Driving under influence of drugs

So if you've drunken 2 glasses of wine, driving through a tunnel without your lights on while driving 25 kph over the limit..... you've just lost your driving license for three years !! Nasty !!!

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Or how about....

pulled over at night on a busy road way due to a flat tire and your battery just died...

6 points hindering traffic
3 points parking dangerously (or is this redundant to the first one?)
3 points no lights

sounds like a really bad day.
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